Stress in the Workplace

The right dose of stress can be a driving force for motivation, but it can also have disastrous consequences. Between absenteeism, exhaustion, occupation illnesses, etc., the consequences of stress in the workplace in France cost companies between 0.8 and 1.6 billion euros per year (source: INRS, 2016). Aside from the financial aspect, stress is also one of the main precursors to burnout. A recent study showed that occupational stress is very widespread, with 24% of French employees suffering from hyper-stress – a state considered to be dangerous for their health (source: Cabinet Stimulus, 2017). Reducing stress at work should therefore be a priority for companies, both for the health of their employees and also for their performance. Such actions should be a co-responsibility within companies. On a collective level, management needs to be better trained in dealing with stress. Human Resources also have an important role to play when improving Quality of Working Life; they should be more attentive, more aware of the issues faced by employees, they should resolve conflicts within teams and better manage the distribution of the workload. On an individual level, it’s important to provide employees with tools to assess their stress level and identify its sources as effectively as possible.

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