Psychosocial Risk Prevention

Psychosocial Risks (PSR) can be difficult to identify when you don’t share the daily life of your employees. Too much work, a poor ambiance, a lack of recognition… These are all factors at the heart of PSR. They result in a higher turnover of staff, a greater rate of absenteeism or a growing sense of demotivation, all of which is detrimental to your company. The cost of unhappiness in the workplace is estimated to be €12 600 per employee per year (source: Mozart Consulting, 2017). It is therefore necessary to take action against the causes of PSR, both for employee health and also to avoid potentially serious repercussions for the company. However, while we often think about organisational causes of PSR, we forget that employees’ individual characteristics can make them more sensitive to work-related unhappiness. Of the €12 600 cost of unhappiness, €10 100 could be recovered: 23% is linked to absences (accidents at work, occupational illnesses, absenteeism), 34% is related to breach of contract by the employer and 42% is linked to employee disengagement (resignations, breaches of contract, departures during the trial period). However, an employee that feels happy at work is 9 times more loyal, 6 times less absent, 55% more creative, 31% more productive and half as sick (source: study by Harvard/MIT). Implementing a genuine approach to improving well-being by taking individual specificities into account would therefore be a vector for health in the workplace and economic performance for your company.

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