Moodwork addresses an overlooked part of QWL – the individual!

Occupational well-being is defined by WHO as “a state of mind characterized by a satisfactory harmony between the skills, needs and aspirations of the worker and the constraints and opportunities of the workplace”. It is particularly influenced by the physical, material and psychological factors that characterise the situation in the workplace and the employee.

Psychological studies have shown that occupational well-being mainly stems from matching the employee’s expectations and needs and the environment in the workplace. When unhappiness at work arises, it is often due to a combination of variables, which can be classified into 2 categories:

  1. Organisational factors, corresponding to characteristics of the work or the business that could lead to work-related suffering. These factors could be overwork, problematic management, lack of material resources, unsuitable working hours, etc.
  2. Individual factors, corresponding to the employee’s own characteristics and skills that make them more or less susceptible to developing dissatisfaction in the workplace. These factors notably include the way in which the person manages their emotions, communicates with their colleagues and their hierarchy, their self-esteem and the esteem they have for their work, etc.

QWL policies are often only focused on organisational well-being factors. This isn’t a bad choice; organisational factors are easiest for companies to address. However, this can lead to a huge part of the problem being neglected – the individuals! Moreover, when a company takes this position, they convey the idea that individuals don’t have any room for manoeuvre in influencing their own occupational well-being, which can affect employee motivation.

Here at Moodwork, we decided to fill this gap, not only because up until now it was a neglected aspect of well-being in the workplace, but also, and above all, in order to give employees control of their quality of working life!

In order to do this, we offer employees the opportunity to take action on individual well-being factors, while being supported by quality of working life professionals.

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