Absenteeism can represent an extortionate loss of earnings for companies in France. All sectors combined, work stoppages leapt 7.5% between 2010 and 2016 to reach an average of 17 days of absence per employee in 2017 (source: Malakoff Médéric, 2016). The direct cost for the economy: 60 billion euros per year. Indirect costs for companies: customer dissatisfaction, overwork for other employees, service disorganisation, etc. Aside from the financial aspect, we shouldn’t forget that absenteeism is above all a sign of employee unhappiness, unhappiness which has major consequences on the way a company functions. Acting on absenteeism can therefore be a considerable driver for the growth of your company.

In order to take action against absenteeism, it is therefore necessary to target employee unhappiness. From this perspective, it’s essential to provide a tool for managing Quality of Working Life to individuals so that each employee has the keys to understanding their personal situation and improving it if necessary.

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