Our Team

Thanks to our dedicated research team, Moodwork is able to adapt our solutions based on real expertise.

Through the Moodwork Research Centre, occupational psychologists and researchers work together for the continuous improvement of diagnoses and proposed solutions.
Our research focuses on Quality of Life at Work, emotional intelligence and the prevention of Psychosocial Risks. Our aim is to give everyone access to simple and effective tools to help them develop positively in the professional sphere.

Moira mikolajczak

Dr. Moïra Mikolajczak

Isabelle roskam

Dr. Isabelle Roskam

Christophe haag

Dr. Christophe Haag

Alexandra jacobs

Alexandra Jacobs

Marie le prince

Marie Le Prince

Nolwenn anier

Dr. Nolwenn Anier

I discover the solution
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