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Ic arrow downIs the information that I provide on the platform sent to my manager ?

No personal data is ever shared. Only global information concerning the well-being in the company is shared with the management teams in order for them to improve the situation. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Ic arrow downHow often should I log in to the platform?

We recommend that you log in at least once a month to complete your well-being assessment. If you have a high level of fulfillment at work, this 15-minute assessment is enough. However, if we detect factors that interfere with your well-being, we will recommend a programme to address the issue(s). If you choose to complete the programme, you will need to log in more frequently to carry out eight individual activities. These can be done whenever you like and never take more than 15 minutes each.

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Ic arrow downHow is a simple online programme going to help me to improve my well-being?

Our programmes, all created by renowned researchers, are simple and quick to do. They do not provide a miracle solution to your problems, but guide you through the steps and reflections needed to improve your well-being. These personal development programmes will put you on the right track to finding fulfillment at work.

Ic arrow downHow will I remember to use the platform?

You will receive automatic emails reminding you to log in to the platform. You shouldn’t think of them as spam as they are for your own good! When you are totally wrapped up in your work, it’s easy to forget to take a step back and look at its various aspects. Moodwork helps you to get this perspective.

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Ic arrow downHow can I be sure of the quality of the platform's content?

Moodwork's content has been created and tested by researchers who studied at some of the most prestigious universities in the world (e.g. Stanford, INSEAD, ESCP). These researchers are currently doctors in behavioural science and psychology, and also experts in subjects such as emotional intelligence and burnout.

Ic arrow downWill the content on the platform be updated?

The programmes on the platform are destined to be improved in order to offer new areas of focus for personal development, but also in order to always target individuals' problems better.

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