Our certification

The psychological first aid kit in collaboration with doctors Lisa Bellinghausen and Anna Komkova.

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This certification offers you the opportunity to learn how to detect the signs of malaise at work, to understand the different sides of suffering and to differentiate between them in order to be able to provide humanistic and effective support.

Our approach is unique because, beyond the practical and theoretical contributions, we devote a significant amount of time to analysing our own emotional triggers and the posture of the companion. Emotional intelligence is the red line. The key to successful support is the detection of painful emotions and ineffective emotional regulation strategies. It is through the alliance between the carer and the carer that it becomes possible to positively transform emotional dynamics.

The companion makes himself fully available to the other and offers a true listening experience.

In this way, the accompanied person will regain the stability of his or her being and move towards resilience. Resilience goes hand in hand with the development of the person's resources, including their ability to welcome and tame the full range of emotions.

We offer you a 6-day course to acquire the skills of psychological first aid. Beyond certification, we would like to create with you a real network of sentinels for psychological health in the workplace and on a daily basis. Becoming a sentinel means becoming a guarantor of well-being and an actor in prevention.

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