The Moodwork solution for the employee
Thanks to a scientifically validated well-being check-up, analyse the sources of your well-being at work and improve it directly through personal development programs that are adapted to your needs.
Corporate psychologists and coachs are available to help you and answer all your questions via chat or videoconference.
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The Moodwork solution for the company
Every 6 months, receive a complete report presenting the well-being level of your teams , its evolution and a detail of their well-being and ill-being factors. These information will help you maintaining the well-being sources and acting efficiently on the ill-being sources.

Moodwork's commitments

A quality content

Our tools have been created by corporate psychologists and well-known researchers in order to activate the most relevant levers for fighting stress and burnout.

Human support

Psychologists and coaches available on Moodwork.

An adapted digital tool

In only a few clicks, from home or at work, benefit from an easy to use personal development tool.
Discover the solution

A 100% confidential tool

A tool created by a team of researchers educated at

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